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About Rena’s Cafe

Inspired by living a healthy lifestyle, I decided to share my knowledge and experience to inspire others to follow my journey and develop positive health habits for themselves. Throughout the years, like other members of the chamber of commerce, I have been an integral part of my own community in the city of Montebello, helping others push through barriers to become respected entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, with a busy lifestyle there are things that as human beings we take for granted, for instance our health. Within our community we push each other to be better versions of ourselves, to be respectful, loyal, goal-oriented, kind, optimistic and profesional. However, although these practices are rewarding, they are not sufficient if at the end of the day we are ignoring our physical health. I have worked with many successful people in my career and I learned that like every other individual, them too, need to create positive health habits to prolong their success.

Our Mission

Just like any other responsibility that the individual person has to do on a daily routine, healthy habits should be prioritized. Healthy habits are the fuel that get you through the day, through the week, and more importantly through life. We understand that every individual has different experiences and not everyone has the same access or ability to create these beneficial habits. 

We are committed to provide products that are both delicious and beneficial to the human body. We understand every individual has their preference in taste and quality, and our products offers a wide variety of nutritional products that are tailored to your liking. 

Creating a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for us at Rena’s Cafe, the well-being of our community is essential to improve health issues, and to inspire future generations to become aware of the benefits that healthy habits can have on each person.

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